We Like 2 Move It has come up with some ways where students can get removals in Bristol for fantastic value!

We understand that being a student can be a money management nightmare. When moving in to next years accommodation you want it done without it costing you your social budget. This always proves difficult as removals involves a vehicle of some description and when at university the lucky few who have a car are in constant demand.

We Like 2 Move It has come up with 3 solutions to your removals needs.

Our day rate package of 1 Man and Van for 4 hours.

This is a good solution for someone who wants to do some of the work but gets professional assistance and of course the most vital part the Luton Van.

Get some friends involved and save £30!

If you are willing to do the removals yourself and rope in some friends with the offer of a couple of drinks afterwards then it can save you some. Essentially you hire a Luton Van and a driver. You load and unload the van. If you want the van and the driver for a full day then you can save £55 from our removals Bristol local day rate package.

Work up the discount for a future removals in Bristol.

When you recommend We Like 2 Move It you get a 5% discount on your future removals.
You can rack up to a massive 50% discount. This can work with any of our removals Bristol day rate packages or the package above. This would give you a removals job done for super cheap!
For a valid 5% we need to complete a removals job and your name needs to be mentioned by the customer.

So what are you waiting for?! Get moving!

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